Dr. Joe Carlin, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor

Department of Geological Sciences

California State University, Fullerton


Office: McCarthy Hall - 251

ph. 657-278-3054

Lab: Dan Black Hall - 211

ph. 657-278-2966


Courses Taught:

GEOL101 - Physical Geology

GEOL 333 - Oceanography

GEOL 381 - Data Collection and Analysis for Earth Scientists

GEOL 590 - Geoscience Seminar

Current Students

Graduate Students

  • M. Adler (MS Geology)

Study Site: Seal Beach Wetlands, CA


  • S. Dickson (MS Geology)

Study Site: Los Penasquitos Lagoon, CA


undergraduate Students

  • D. Cortez (BA Earth Science) - "Investigating Spatial and Temporal Variations in Sedimentation on Intertidal Mudflats"

Study Site: Upper Newport Bay, CA

  • S. Goodwin (BA Earth Science) - "Measuring Beach Response and Recovery During El Niño"

Study Site: Huntington and Oceanside Beaches, CA

  • K. Hunter (BS Geology) - "Investigating Variations in Holocene Sedimentation along the Monterey Bay Continental Shelf"

Study Site: Monterey Bay, CA

  • R. Koga (BA Earth Science) - "Identifying Paleo-Seismic Events along the Newport-Inglewood Fault Zone"

Study Site: Seal Beach Wetlands, CA

  • D. Van Orman (BS Geology) - "Are Southern California Salt Marshes Keeping Pace with Sea Level Rise: An Investigation of Salt Marsh Sedimentation in Upper Newport Bay, CA, USA"

Study Site: Upper Newport Bay, CA

Former Students


  • A. Aranda (MS Geology - 2016) - "Salt Marsh Response and Recovery to Coseismic Subsidence"                      

         Study Site: Seal Beach Wetlands, CA


  • A. Avalos (BS Geology - 2016) - "Variations in Continental Shelf Sedimentation over the Past Century, Monterey Bay, CA, USA"

Study Site: Monterey Bay, CA

  • M. Harb (BS Geology - 2016) - "Investigating the Holocene Depositional History of a Back Barrier Lagoon, Christmas Bay, TX"

Study Site: Christmas Bay, TX